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Non Flammable, Non Toxic,Non Yellowing
Solvent, Latex and Acrylic Free
Heat Proof and Freezeproof

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TIMBERMATE : Takes nails, screws, planing, sawing,
Drilling and Routing Varnish, Urethane, Wax, Polish, Lacquer, Linseed & oils

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Easy sanding, will not clog paper when
DRY Sanded dust can be mixed with water for re-use

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TIMBERMATE WINS Best Supporting Wood Filler in USA

indefinite pot & shelf life

heat & freeze proof

minimum coverage area:10-12 sqm/kilo
non-inflammable non acrylic

stainable before & after application

twice the density

usable up to last drop
contains no acetone, toxic or any harmful ingredients tools & hands can be easily cleaned  with water


no volatile organic compound

minimum coverage area:10-12 sqm/kilo
free from lead and mercury
manufactured as unique, water-based, non-acrylic, formula proven in Europe for over 60 years. Completely compatible with all known top coatings, acid catalyst, acrylics, vinyl, P.U., P.E., and Nitro-Cellulose Lacquers. Will take water-based stains, solvent stains, oil base stains, French Polish, Wax Polish, Lin Seed and various oils Fills cracks in all types of timber boards, masonry, plaster, flooring, dry wall, brick, concrete, fiberglass, plastic, metal etc. It can be mixed with wood glue being water based and non-acrylic.
TIMBERMATE may be hard some days and feel dry and soft on other days. Don’t be alarmed as; TIMBERMATE is temperature sensitive, the warmer the weather or environment, the softer the putty. On cold days, it will start to dry in the tub. Add some grams of hot water to remoisten or reconstitute; or submerge the pail in a tub of hot water to soften. It’s heat proof up to 220°C and freeze proof up to -70°C, will not crack, sink, shrink or fallout. TIMBERMATE is ideal for do-it-yourself, manufacturers, hardware store, architects, carpenters, painters, interior designers, refinisher and more. It is GREAT for cabinets, furniture, wood veneer or solid wood floors, doors, frames, paneling, windows, metal furniture, fiberglass, MDF, particle boards, plaster boards, cement boards, plywood and it can also be used to restore antiques, stone craft, cast iron and components.

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