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Earl's Mutfill

100% Natural and Organic water-based
& water resistant multi purpose filler

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Car body work auto repair paint after the accident.

Spreads Easily - For an easy application wet putty knife when using

MulTfill should last up to 5 years if the container is sealed tightly


Earl's Mutfill

Will not Crack , Sink, or Shrink

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Timbermate Products was founded in Australia in 1991 as a small manufacturing company producing their namesake, Timbermate, a unique waterbased woodfiller, which is solvent and acrylic free. Most products at that time were either latex or solvent based. Today Timbermate’s unique waterbased formulation is accepted worldwide and dominates the marketplace.

Following the success of the Timbermate brand, further products were developed using a reputation for quality products that are not price driven in favour of quality products that will withstand the test of time.

On the back of this, Timbermate developed the “Earls” range. A collection of high quality products focusing on the needs of both your handyman and your DIY-er. The range has grown to include Powder Fillers, Rotten Wood Repairers (no more rotten posts, or window frames!) and our newest product in the range, Earls MulTFill. This is a 100% Australian made interior\exterior ready to use filler available in both white and popular decking colours, which once again continues the tradition of high quality Earls products.


Will Not Shrink, Sink Or Fall Out – MulTfill sets hard when dry and will not shrink as it is acrylic and latex free

Ready To Use Fine Filler – MulTfill is ready to use and is used directly from the container. If it dries out add a few drops of water. Keep the container sealed when not in use.

Long Shelf Life – MulTfill should last up to 5 years if the container is sealed tightly

Spreads Easily – For an easy application wet putty knife when using

Interior/ Exterior – Can be used for all applications, however MulTfill does not take stain evenly

No Acrylic, Latex or Solvents – MulTfill has no acrylic latex or solvents. It is harmless, however whenever sanding always wear a suitable dusk mask.

No VOC’s – MulTfill is VOC free and is therefore harmless. Furthermore, it remains stable

Sands Easily, Does Not Clog Sandpaper – Use 120 grit sandpaper or finer. Does not blind(clog) the paper if sanded when dry.

Takes Almost All Known Coatings – Always test some coating on the filler prior to use. If using a clear coat add colorants or oxide prior to using MulTfill. It is advisable to coat MulTfill once dry.

No Waste – Return unused MulTFill to the container

Tips for the Usage

• Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill is used directly from the container. If content hardened during cold weather, just add few drops of warm water then stir to soften. It is advisable to keep the container tightly sealed.

• Mix in color prior to application or apply stain when fully dried that it sands off like a baby powder. Mix 2 or 3 Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill colors to achieve your desired shade or add colorant or oxide.

• Always test some coating on the filler prior to use.

• To fill big holes and deep cracks, fill in layers of 6mm at a time, allowing sufficient drying between each layer.

• Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill is ready to sand when color fades and does not blind nor clog sandpaper. It sets rock hard.

• Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill can be thinned slightly with warm water. Stir to make a paste. Don’t add more than 10% water by weight.

• Use a plastic spatula for best results.

• Different depths and timbers have different drying time. The deeper the fill, the longer it takes to dry.

• Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill can be speed dried with a heat gun or inside the drying room.

• No waste. Return unused Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill to the container.

• Do not store Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill with exceed water inside the container for a long period time. Trapped excess water will cause the putty to become contaminated.

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