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Earl's Mutfill

100% Natural and Organic water-based
& water resistant multi purpose filler

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Car body work auto repair paint after the accident.

Spreads Easily - For an easy application wet putty knife when using

MulTfill should last up to 5 years if the container is sealed tightly


Earl's Mutfill

Will not Crack , Sink, or Shrink

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interior & exterior surfaces paint or seal when it dry can be spread easily and leaves a smooth finish
no volatile organic compound (VOC) less expensive high quality stain and coating compatible
has No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Hence,it is harmless and remains stable fill interior or exterior surfaces such as wood, rotted timber, masonry, plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete and metal. For exterior use, ensure base material is stable. is not a flexible compound and is not suitable as filler where there may be structural movement. Paint or seal it when dry. is ready to use and can be spread easily.
Wet the putty knife and the filler will flow easily. It also sands back easily and leaves a smooth finish. It does not blind nor clogs sandpaper if sanded when dry.
is less expensive filler with high quality finish. It is a heavy-bodied filler. It won’t crack or shrink and fills to any depth. is compatible to all known stains and coatings. will never increase the moisture content of the timber. Always make sure the wood is dry. If wood is wet, Earl’s All-Purpose MulTfill will not be stable. Coating will also crack or bubble when wet

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