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Non Flammable, Non Toxic,Non Yellowing
Solvent, Latex and Acrylic Free
Heat Proof and Freezeproof

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TIMBERMATE : Takes nails, screws, planing, sawing,
Drilling and Routing Varnish, Urethane, Wax, Polish, Lacquer, Linseed & oils

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Easy sanding, will not clog paper when
DRY Sanded dust can be mixed with water for re-use

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Due to the finishing system used in manufacturing these boards, it is essential to seal the surface with water-based, non-acrylic product before applying coatings.


  1. Mix 700ml water to 1Kg TIMBERMATE.
  2. You can apply using cloth or gravity-type spray gun with 2mm nozzle.
  3. Apply thin coat only.
    Coverage Area: 10-12 sqm per kilo.



  1. Mix 400-500ml water to 1Kg TIMBERMATE.
  2. It is more effective to apply with cloth, since particle board is more porous than MDF.
  3. Apply thin coat only.
    Coverage Area: 10-12 sqm per kilo.

TIMBERMATE grainfiller & edgefiller doesn’t swell the boards because there is no solvent, acrylic or latex content. In fact, it reduces your finishing coatings consumption by about 30%. This is among the reasons why TIMBERMATE meets your needs best!



Scrape all dust and waste between boards and surface as well as knot holes and nail heads. Sand the surface properly using orbital sander and vacuum well to prepare for filling and coating. Ensure that floor is stabilized, dry and free of movement.


1. Apply TIMBERMATE as grain filler to floor using a squeegee, trowel or paint roller.

Mixture Ratio: 400-500ml of Water to 1KG. of TM

2. Allow drying and sand off with 180 grit cloth sand paper. Remove dust.

3. Fill cracks, nail holes, gaps and all blemishes using a putty knife.

4. Fill deeper holes in layers of about 6mm allowing each fill to dry.

5. Dry and sand with 240 grit cloth sandpaper. Remove dust.

6. Floor can now be stained or varnished to suit your choice of finish.

7. TIMBERMATE can be stained with all types of colorants such as solvent-based, oil-based, spirit stains and oxides.

8. TIMBERMATE can be sealed with PU sealer and coated with PU Top Coat.


1. Prepare the surface. Repair all holes, gaps and cracks with filler. Mix desired stain (color) with TIMBERMATE prior to application. You can use penetrating water-based dye stain or you can mix TIMBERMATE colors to achieve your desired shade of wood.

2. Add approximately 1 kilo of TIMBERMATE to 300 to 500ml water and mix until desired consistency is achieved. When grain filler become whitish and sands off easily like talc powder, it means it’s already dry. Coverage: 10-12 sqm. per kilo of TIMBERMATE.

3. Apply grain filler to surface with roller applicator, brush or cloth rolled into ball. Rub across the grain in a circular motion. Follow it up with putty scraper to take out excess filler and put it back into tub/pail. You can also apply with spray grun. In such case, use gravity type spray gun with cup top so TIMBERMATE can easilty flow out since TIMBERMATE is a high-density filler. Mixing little hot water to dilute is highly recommended and yields best results.

4. Once filler is dry, smooth to perfection with sandpaper or power sander using 240 grit sand paper. It can also be applied with grain filler roller machine.


1. Fills cracks, knots, holes, splits, blemishes etc. Spread the filler diagonally across the grain in each direction, and then work in it back and forth with the grain. Fill deeper holes approximately 6mm in layers. Make sure you work the filler deep into the hole or crack allowing time for each layer to dry to ensure a strong bond. TIMBERMATE WILL NEVER BLIND THE NATURAL WOOD GRAIN. Drying or curing time is about 1-2 hours depending on temperature and depth of fill. You can speed up drying time by using heat gun, heat lamps, industrial fans, or inside the drying room.

2. TIMBERMATE dries hard and smooth without SHRINKING OR SINKING. It will not crack and fall out. Wood putty should be used but not seen. SEEK THE BEST RESULTS.

3. Can be belt or drum sanded and it not affected by heat. The hotter it gets, the harder and faster is sets, and that means less “Down Time”.

4. Can be applied with any stains or colorants after the application. This may be water, powder, oil, or solvent-based. However, if you want to mix stain prior to application, then use only water-based penetrated dye stains.

5. Inter-mixing of TIMBERMATE colors is possible. Putty must be fully dried to take stain evenly. Putty is still wet when it clogs or blinds the sandpaper.

Add your colorant to the putty and match the exact color while it is wet. TIMBERMATE dry later but coat back to its original wet color once coated with clear finishes.

● TIMBERMATE dries quickly in hot weather. During cold weather, the depth of fill will determine the dryingtime.
● You can easily fix a wrong matched or badly filled holes or cracks by washing out with water. If alreadycoated, then break the top coat and wash it out. Refill or rematch if necessary.
● TIMBERMATE can be used on metal (tube, wrought iron or sheets). However, remember to use primerbefore applying TIMBERMATE. You can also do powder coating since TIMBERMATE is heat proof.
● Use a stainless steel or plastic putty knife/scraper to avoid metal rust or stains from spoiling/damagingputty.


INDEFINITE SHELF AND POT LIFE. Therefore no waste, allow putty to dry out if previously thinned. DO NOT add water before closing container or leave excess water in pail for a long period of time, e.g. 3-7 days, the trapped excess water will cause the putty to become contaminated.

JELLY & LUMPS. When you see brown jelly or some color mixture in TIMBERMATE during hot weather, no need to worry, the hot weather causes it. However, it does not affect TIMBEMATE’S quality. There are times when the water and powder mixes, looking like lumps during hot and cold weather. These lumps spread out when you start using the putty. Upon using, mix it like dough with little water. Afterwards, you are now ready to use TIMBERMATE and rest assured, it will always be on its top quality.


You only need water to clean up your hands, applicators and tools after application. Do not use thinner or solvents. TIMBERMATE is safe and does not emit toxic fumes because TIMBERMATE does not contain solvents.